What’s planned for Ancoats? Local planning applications live

As denizens of Ancoats, we know that it’s constantly undergoing redevelopment and change. Things are stopping and starting all the time, though recently it seems some projects are going to be finished after all.

There’s loads of marketing guff out there about what’s coming next, but the definitive source is planning applications. Thanks to our friends at Planning Alerts, we’ve put together a map of live planning applications in the local area.

As this is based on Google Maps, you can of course, manipulate it like any other Google map – switch between the different view modes and even play with the Street View mode. This lets you click on any planning application and immediately see the building in question.

While we try it out, the map is centred around the middle of Great Ancoats Street and shows nearby applications to a diameter of about 800 metres. We’ll tweak this in the coming days as we get feedback on how useful this is and what you want to see on it.

So try out the local planning applications map and drop a comment here with any feedback!