Riding to Liverpool – 30 Days of Biking: Day 19

Update: We did it!

I’ve finally got my ass into gear and arranged a bike ride tomorrow with some pals.

We’re off to Liverpool from Manchester, taking advantage of the disused railway line that’s now part of the Trans Pennine Trail. It’ll be about 45 miles, mostly flat and reasonably sign-posted with the opportunity for pub stops on the way.

I’ve done it before a few times now, so fairly familiar but the ride is still fun. I have to thank Mark for showing me the route the first time – here’s a snap of him gazing out over the Mersey Estuary.

It’s quite something to arrive at your destination and local people sound different to where you started from.

In 2011, I rode with my friend Ella in the opposite direction – here’s the route we took, which I’ll be repeating going west pretty much.