Hello Manchester!

Update: this blog post was imported from my neglected attempt to create a bespoke cycling blog!

So yeah. This is the Northern Quarter Cycle Club blog.

We’re not a proper cycling club. Nor are we exclusive to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. But what we are is a place to “document and share the cycling culture” that is prevalent around Manchester and especially rooted in the creative and alternative hub of the Northern Quarter.

If this is going to work, we want you to get involved. Anyone’s welcome to write for this blog about anything that’s related to the overall topic. Photo contributions are especially welcomed and also cycle style. We love cycle chic, but also cycle geek. SPDs or glittery sandals, we want to hear about them.

We’re also going to try running a few organised rides in what’s left of summer and maybe even autumn. People who can help out with these would be especially welcome. Also, we’ll be sharing details of other rides organised by fellow groups.

Our hope is to join the rich culture of cycle blogging and be part of the grassroots cycling scene in Manchester and beyond. If you like this idea, then drop a comment below.

Happy cycling!