HM Ministry of Paranoia » My arrest story

When I was walking through Horse Guards parade, an armed police officer wondered upto me (Well, he could have just been patrolling, who knows?), so I just start speaking to him – I ask him the usual stuff like hows he doing and hows his day going, he says its really hot and he wishes he was at home instead of out here in this heat, carrying all his stuff (He had a rather large MP5). I ask him how long does he have to stand around in this heat(*), he says a few hours yet, I ask him cant you hide in the shade(*), he says no he can’t. He asks me if I have any ID on me, I ask him why he wants it. He says he’s going to perform a stop and search on me, and could I please escort him to the bollards on the other end of Horse Guards Parade.

Must read – scary stuff.

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