Happy New Year

Just a short ‘happy new year’ while my lasagne finishes cooking. Unfortunately I’ve caught a cold over the Christmas season so I’ve not hit the sales as planned or been inclined to blog, preferring rather to persist with Grand Theft Auto IV for the Xbox 360. Too engaging – and distracting – a game…

My online greetings card appears to have been a success so far and a useful experiment in the power of Cli.gs, cross-posting on Twitter and Facebook. This calls for a blog entry and adds to a list of topics I’ve been compiling that I hope to be blogging on in the first months of 2008: MobileMe, openID, re-nationalising the railways (anorak alert) and of course my continued experiments with social media and thoughts on Manchester’s social media cafe.

All this hopefully interspersed with my thoughts as a lifelong southener now living ‘oop norf’.

So, with all that in store (plus a redesigned blog, new server… etc etc), see you in 2009!