Posh Danish furniture comes to Ancoats (again) – BoConcept store opening 11 September

Update: we had fun checking out the “housewarming event” on a quiet Sunday morning. Some images from across Twitter are below the jump…

After the demise of ILVA in 2008, another Danish furniture chain is taking a crack at the Manchester market.

BoConcept “will offer customised, coordinated and affordable designer furniture to the urban-minded shopper”.

We at Ancoats Tweeps are a simple bunch and we’re not quite sure what that means. But, judging from the website, “a very posh Ikea-style boutique” probably sums it up (the location – MM2 building, Great Ancoats Street – is significantly smaller than the nearest branch of Ikea, in Ashton).

So, if you want a nice piece of flat-pack for your converted mill residence or, like us, just want a free gift and a Danish pastry, head down to their opening weekend. There’s also 20% off if you do decide to buy anything.

Dates: 11-12 September, 10-6 (Sat) 11-5 (Sun). www.boconcept.co.uk

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